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In 2016, we found(discovered) that there were serval medical stuff training programs turn into virtual training programs using VR devices instead of face-to-face teaching. At that moment, we realize that the future of medical stuff training program will be virtual, immersive and reusable. The immersive virtual medical stuff training program needs to be easy, fast, clean, efficient to use and have capabilities of giving real-time feedback to trainees and supporting them with artificial intelligence. Therefore, we propose " Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Program (VRMSP)". In the meantime, we also propose the customization of VRMSP which will make the local hospital and school training more efficiently.

Our employees are mostly licensed and experienced medical doctors, nurses and radiologists. With their professional backgrounds and knowledges, client's needs and suggestions can be easily received and pass to our development teams clearly and precisely.

VRMSP is not the only product in our service. We are also the agent of several software, Nursing information system(NIS) and Medical Image Illustrator (MiiL) from NarLabs National Center for High-performance Computing(NCHC). With these software, Our medical training program service will be more complete.

* MiiL and vvViewer: After cooperative testing with Narlabs, we have reach an agreement of promoting MiiL(Medical Image Illustrator),a software for medical image labeling and classifying and detecting the lesions, and vvViewer(Visualization interactive media lab’s VR Viewer),a 3D multi-user VR display software, with NarLabs National Center for High-performance Computing(NCHC) on May, 2018.

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