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Rollout! Virtual X-ray Positioning Simulating System


Our company launched a VR training system for radiologist

Developing purposes:

In the teaching of department of Medical Imaging, mostly they use the teaching method of taking X-ray for real patients. Because you can only know the results of radiography after pushing the button of machine, it requires radiologist's own experience and imagination to predict the results. However, for those novice radiologists, without training, they lack these two capabilities, which are the most important for radiologist. This frequently results in increasing the rate of disposing x-ray films or being not able to practice if there are no real patients.  Usually, using dummy to practice taking films is feasible, but it costs a lot, also, it is hard to effectively simulate patients' postures and conditions. Under this situation, we take advantage of VR to develop virtual human body for radiologists to practice and test. This definitely masters radiologists' capability and provides patients with more complete medical care.

We hope this system can offer one more choice for radiologists in their training process.

Compared with the present techniques:

The effectiveness of practice is limited: Students can only practice by helping each other pose, so they are not sure whether it is correct about their capturing results.

If students use VR as their learning method, they can get a X-ray fime during their posing practice in the virtual space and judge if it is correct. By doing so, they can practice effectively and efficiently, even avoid the exposure to radiation.

The comparison between three teaching methods:

(1). Take X-ray fime for actual patients with teachers' assistance:

Advantage:It accords with clinical imaging. 

Disadvantage:It increases patients' exposure to radiation if you take the fime many times. The speed of online working will slow down. You can't practice with special postures. Last but not least, you can't practice whenever and wherever. 

(2). Practice with dummy:

Advantage:You can practice whenever and wherever, and you don't need to worry patients' exposure to radiation.

Disadvantage:The costs are very high. Also, it is easily broken. Prosthesis includes just one part of the whole body, and the whole body is expensive.

(3). Virtual X-ray photography studio

Advantage:You can practice all the times without and worrying patients' exposure to radiation. Don't need to occupy a huge space. You can pose any postures of human body as your demands.

Disadvantage:Without touch sensation, the real feeling.



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