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NTUNHS, NCHC and MEdiCloud signed the MOU online on May, 24


National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences(NTUNHS), National Center for High-Performance Computing(NCHC) and MEdiCloud signed the MOU online on May, 24. 

Trilateral cooperation will conduct the project of "AI智能標示(MiiL)軟體、VR虛擬護理情境教學系統". Combing the abundant research resources of NTUNHS and the characteristics of three colleges, which includes college of nursing, college of health science as well as college of humanities and management. Through MEdiCloud's Virtual Reality Medical Simulation Program(VRMSP) and VR nursing circumstance teaching lesson plan, with NCHC's AI Medical Image Illustrator(MiiL) system, we will build up the digital new media teching platform and apply it in pioneering VR NTUNHS' learning center. It will make technology integrate into medical education, raising education efficacy and then complete the future blueprints of three colleges of NTUNHS.

Trilateral representatives, the principal of NTUNHS, 陳錦杏, the deputy director of NCHC, 林錫慶 and MEdiCloud's chairman, 劉康吉 signed the MOU in online video conference. NTUNHS indicated that in the generation that people cooperate and collaborate with each other, 產(MEdiCloud), 官(NCHC), 學(NTUNHS)are planning to invest tens of millions to develop relative teaching materials and knowledge. Spot talent, serve the society, promote the idea that student should be able to turn the solid knowledge into practical application. This, it helps cultivate those who are needed to develop the industry and increase competitive power of domestic industry, so as to agglomerate industry-academia collaboration and innovative energy. Eventually, spark infinite possibilities!



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